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Mark your calendar!
Coming Workshops -
Monterey/Salinas, Ventura, Harris Ranch, and Sacramento

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Come to an Official CHA Workshop in Your Area.
Attend our informative workshop event to learn about your
opportunities in the emerging California HEMP market.

Our Speakers are THE people that are making Hemp happen in California!
Solid Information from People in the Know.

Who should attend?

Farmers, Processors, Resellers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Attorneys,
Gov't Officials, College Students, and Conscious Consumers.

Anyone that is interested in getting a jump start in this
$1.2 Billion Dollar market! *(estimated to be valued at by year 2020)
See a Breakdown of This Market Valuation Graph (2015)

Every workshop has SOLD out, don't miss the next one near you!
See past CHA workshop pics here!
*We are no longer affiliated with CA-Hemp.org workshops and they are prohibited from using our copyrighted materials.

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We are forming local chapters, become a leader in the new Hemp industry in California!

See the list of forming chapters (see navigation menu). To get involved, send us an

December 20th, 2018 - History has been made today! The Farm Bill freeing the Hemp plant has been signed in to law by the President. Hemp, Hemp, Hoorray!

Hemp is no longer a DEA concern, the USDA has oversight now!

SB1409 was Signed into law by Gov. Brown on Sept. 30th.
New Hemp Laws for 2019 - Get the Latest Update!

HEMP = Harmony with the Earth and More jobs for the People

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We welcome all people interested in creating
a new broad based inclusive and sustainable, renewable products based Industry in California.

2016 Annual USA Imports for Raw Hemp Products Estimated at $688 Million
April 14, 2017
Press Release

That $688 Million is our money that is going to China and Canada! - Why?

Did you know we are not yet allowed
to freely grow Hemp in the USA?

Let's take that money into California!
Creating ten of thousands of new jobs, and a new crop for Farmers!

For a breakdown see this infographic.